Support Foundation for Civil Society

Support Foundation for Civil Society (Sivil Toplum icin Destek Vakfi) is a charity (vakif) founded in Istanbul in 2015 to change the philanthropic giving culture in Turkey. Since January 2016 it is working as a bridge between individual/corporate donors and Civil Society organisations (CSOs).

Please see here for our trustees, board of directors and foundation deed.
For 2017 Annual Report please see here.

I. Individual and corporate donors:
1. You are welcome to contribute to our “civil society support fund” to be a part of social change in Turkey. Donors are provided opportunities to engage with similar minded professionals that are a part of our funding circle. They are also provided forms of interaction with CSOs that are being supported. By being part of our community of funders, you become a part of social and innovative change in Turkey.

2. You can ask to your friends, relatives and guests to donate to a special cause/CSO that have been handpicked by you in special days, occasions and celebrations via us. By doing so you can contribute positively to the society that we live in.
3. Can donate to CSOs that they are already engaged with via us. This way, we take care of reporting and monitoring of your grants and report back to you.

Please see here for donors that we have been working with.

You are more then welcome to apply for grants (if you operate in Turkey).
For our grant processes please see here.

For your questions/comments please feel free to e-mail us (